12 Mar 2020
lean to conservatory

If you are living in a bungalow, you may feel that you would like to have a little more space than you’ve been used to previously. Lean to conservatory, now this is what you’re considering at the moment, then you may want to think about having a conservatory installed. This can be less work than a brick extension, and there are lots of benefits of conservatories, including providing more space for relaxing and entertaining and providing an addition to your home that will ultimately add value to it if you choose to sell in the future. However, many people would wonder what kind of roof they can have on their conservatory, as many may think that they are limited to a lean-to roof if they are in a bungalow. This is luckily not the case.

What is a Lean to Conservatory?

If you’re having a conservatory built, then a lean-to roof might be something that you have considered. With this option, the longest side of the conservatory – which is typically square or rectangular in shape – will be against the house. The roof will be sloped away from the property, which can help the rain to flow away from the house in the case of bad weather.

Not Limited

The great news is that even when you are in a bungalow, so may have to think a little more about height restrictions than if you were in a two-story property, you have the option of choosing a double hipped roof. This means that there is more than one choice that could be suitable for you. The double hipped roof design is where it rises away from the property and then dips back again once it reaches the middle. This means that it almost looks like a little house, and it gives the conservatory a different feel to a lean-to design or lean to conservatory .

No Issues with Planning Permission

One of the main reasons that a lot of people believe that they’re limited to a lean-to style conservatory is the issue of planning permission. This is something that a lot of people don’t fully understand, and as a result of this, they may feel that they are restricted in certain ways when in actual fact that is not the case at all. So long as the overall height of your conservatory isn’t higher than your bungalow, and it doesn’t go beyond the wall of the property by more than three metres, you should find that planning permission is not needed, and you actually have a lot more space to play with, and therefore additional options, than you may have thought.

Comfortable Interior

If you have a lean-to design, you could find that this is a little uncomfortable on the inside if you are taller. Although this isn’t an issue for everyone, if you or some of your loved ones are on the taller side, they may need to dip their heads when they get to the lower part of the roof. With a double hipped roof, however, it is as its highest in the middle, rather than on the wall next to the house, which very much makes the most of the space that you have available to you. Not only does this make things better in this way, but it also makes space seem bigger in general, which means that it is a much more enjoyable space when it’s finished.

A Sleek and Fashionable Design

If you’re having a conservatory fitted onto your property, you will want it to look as good as possible from the outside as well as on the inside. With this in mind, a double hipped conservatory could look better than a lean-to, depending on your own personal tastes. You will have the flexibility of choosing the ideal materials for your roofing, and the type of glass you wish to use, which means that you will have full control over the aesthetic enhancements that you choose for your property.

When you are making the decision about the kind of conservatory that you want for your bungalow, the most important thing to remember is that no two cases are the same, and you will simply have to weigh up your options to make the choice about what would be best for you. For some, a lean-to roof will be the only option based on their personal circumstances, however, the vast majority of properties certainly come with the option of a double hipped conservatory if that’s what you want. If you would like a quote for a lean to conservatory for your bungalow, simply get in touch with us and we would be happy to put together a quote based on the information that you can give to us about your property and your requirements.